Single Slam: Hive by NO:IR

NO:IR is an alternative metal 5-piece whose engrossing live performance, unique blend of rap and metal, and addictive sound has led to a successful launch of underground shows, seeing them through to this year’s Bristol M2TM’s final.

NO:IR will be releasing their debut single, ‘Hive’, on July 13th 2019!

Hive 1

You don’t make it to any of the Metal 2 The Masses finals without having something. These events (and the UK metal scene in general) are hot as hell nowadays and with a chance to play at Bloodstock on the New Blood Stage up for grabs, everyone needs to bring their A game.

One of our personal favourite things about the events is how it is a chance for fresh/young/up and coming bands to show the world just what they’re about. Often bands enter without even having an EP out, instead honing their craft on the live stage, building the fan base up and then capitalising on it all. It is wonderful to see and you only have to look at the success stories over the years to understand how important this is.

This isn’t a review of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses events, we swear. We’re mentioning it because NO:IR are exactly the kind of band mentioned above. Honing their craft live, building their fan base, progressing to the finals of Bristol’s MT2M and then dropping their debut single, Hive.

…and what a banger it is. Short (2:50) but so very weighty as their alternative rap/metal combination rings out. Now, you may have made a face when you read rap/metal. It’s got a lot of bad connections and it’s hard not to think of the era of nu-metal when you hear it but rest assured, NO:IR are not like that. Instead we have a modern and exciting take on the blending of music genres.

This is metal. Metal that will get you bouncing with a wicked lead in and a great set of vocals. Then we get some rapping and it’s fine, straight-forward and short but works great against the out and out head-banging of the rest of the track. The chorus mixing clean highs and demonic roars with twisting guitar rhythm just slays.

It’s a hell of a release and along with their appearance in the Bristol final should help catapult these guys up the British metal ranks!


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Hive by NO:IR
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