Single Slam: Deutschland by Rammstein (Rammstein)

Has it really been 10 years? 10 years since the last Rammstein album, Liebe ist für alle da. How time has flown by yet the desire for the German industrial heavyweights only seems to get stronger.

I was nothing but a spotty teenager when I first came across this band of wacky metallers with their track ‘Spiel Mit Mir’ off their second full length, Sehnsucht. It blew me away but it wasn’t until Mutter, their next album that my love for them was confirmed.

Deutschland 2

Album after album, Rammstein proved they were and are one the strongest bands in metal and live, few can compare. I’ve been very lucky to have seen them a couple of times and they never disappoint. Those going to the UK date in July are in for a treat, for sure.

When those dates were announced it seemed to suggest that a new album was almost certainly around the corner. Happily that has now been confirmed, Rammstein will release their self titled new album on May 17th 2019. At the same time as that announcement we also got the first single from that album, the aptly titled Deutschland.

I’d be lying if I didn’t have some reservations going in to this track. It’s not so much a lack of faith in Rammstein but more the fact that metal music is always evolving and 10 years is a long time. Would they be able to keep up? Would they be relevant? Would they be Rammstein?

The good news is that yes, Deutschland is every bit a Rammstein song as you could hope for. The electronic effects give way for a smashing of guitars and drums and in true Rammstein fashion explodes in darkly twisted fashion. It then drops away for Till Lindemann’s imposing vocals to take over. Alongside echoing background vocals, a simple drum beat and haunting effects.

The chorus of the title being shouted out alongside some really inventive guitars is Rammstein at their best. This is going to kill it live.

It’s a great song even if it is Rammstein playing it safe. However, there is no doubt in the mind that this is just a stepping stone track. A way of easing fans back in, reminding everyone of just what they are capable of. On this showing, this new album could be the best Rammstein album yet.


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Deutschland by Rammstein (Rammstein)
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