Album Review: West of Hell – Blood of the Infidel (Self Released)

Progressive power thrashers West of Hell will release their sophomore album Blood of the Infidel on April 1st 2019.

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Hyper groovy thrash metal, all the riffs and meaty hooks you could hope to hear are loud and present across West of Hell’s Blood of the Infidels. Opener Hammer and Hand is every bit the banger that great thrash should be as the band bring us chunky riffing, razor sharp vocals and a screeching solo. It’s an impressive start that even dares to be a little bit catchy.

Building on that momentum. West of Hell keep things fast and denim-clad with the excellent Chrome Eternal and rapid fire of Infidels. It’s here that it becomes fairly obvious that West of Hell aren’t your traditional thrashers. The core sound this there but the band have infused the sound with a little bit of power metal ‘oomph’ that hits the right spots perfectly.

Even with tracks that are hitting the nine-minute mark (Dying Tomorrow) West of Hell still manage to keep things interesting and moving in the right direction. The spitfire of the vocals are simply divine as we reach the penultimate track, The Dark Turn. An album highlight that is almost, just almost topped by the finale of Mankind Commands. A wickedly strong finish.

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West of Hell – Blood of the Infidel Full Track Listing:

1. Hammer and Hand
2. Chrome Eternal
3. Infidels
4. The Machine
5. Dying Tomorrow
6. The Dark Turn
7. Mankind Commands

Head over to West of Hell’s website to find out more and order the album. Keep up to date with news by checking out their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and watch their videos on YouTube.

West of Hell - Blood of the Infidel (Self Released)
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