Single Slam – Bound by Skein (Deadweight)

Finnish alternative metal quintet Skein have released the first single, Bound, from their second album. That album will be called Deadweight. Deadweight is due for release on the 22nd of September via Inverse Records.

While Deadweight will be the band’s second full length, they have previously released 3 EPS before they released their debut, Of Wings Unfolding. Of Wings Unfolding was a concept album and was released with an accompanying novel which is a very creative and unique idea. Skein play alternative metal, mixing intricate melodies with heavy riffs and atmospheric, etheric sections.


Skein are Sami Silvennoinen on vocals with Juha Höyssä bass guitar and Kari Ruissalo on drums. Jarno Ojala and Hiski Marstio are the two guitarists.  This first single, Bound, was released with an accompanying music video which you can look at via the links below. It is the work of Mikko Henrik Huotari and stars Merja Koski-Sipilä.

Bound is 4 minutes and 40 seconds long and is drenched in doom, distortion and melody. It starts with the gentle sounds of waves before a slightly distorted melody comes in. Really clean singing comes in over the melody. Sami has a good voice and sounds passionate and emotional while singing. The guitars start ringing louder and the rhythm starts to slowly increase in pace with a quicker bassline before the heavy vocals come in. They come out of nowhere which is a nice surprise.

The whole track feels drenched in doom now with roared vocals and heavily distorted guitars. We switch back to gentler but sombre melody and clean vocals but with a bit more intensity. You really get a sense of the atmosphere being created. The volume comes in again with loose, cymbal heavy drumming but still clean vocals. This continues now until the end.

Bound is a good track. It really feels laced in doom and there is so much distortion too. The music sounds loose but that comes with the style. The vocals are good though I would always prefer more roared vocals to clean. I look forward to hearing more from Skein. They have something about them that is really intriguing. I don’t think I would enjoy a whole album of slow tempo songs like Bound. I am not a massive fan of doom normally but, with a few quicker tracks, Deadweight could be one of the great albums of 2017.

Take a look and listen to Bound at Inverse Records YouTube account here or on Skein’s website, here. Find out more about Skein and Deadweight at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to give them a like or follow while you are there.

Check out the full track list and album cover for Deadweight below.


1. Seduction
2. Lies Divine
3. Bound
4. Lies Mundane
5. The Fear is Love
6. Deadweight
7. Mare
8. In Circles
9. The Unknown

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Bound by Skein (Deadweight)
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