Game Review: Yeti 5in1 (Mobile)

Yetisports first appeared on the web in 2004 as a flash game that was free to play. It was surprisingly popular & has seen many variations but none as bold as this paid for version on mobile devices.

Costing 99p, Yeti 5in1 is embarrassingly bad, offering a broken & unsatisfying experience that feels extremely grubby.

Yeti 1

Visually it looks exactly like the flash game of 2004 (that’s 13 years ago). Game 1 is the one most people will remember. Simply tap the screen to hit the penguin as he drops in front of the Yeti to hit it with a club & launch it as far as you can.

Yeti 2

Game 2 is about launching the penguin as high as you can, game 3 uses a seesaw to launch the penguin into flying seagulls for a high score. While game 4 sees you aiming snowballs at penguins to hit a dart board.

Yeti 3

Game 5 doesn’t matter because it doesn’t work. As soon as you try to launch the 5 in Yeti 5in1 it crashes.

With only high scores to be gained, there is almost no replay value here. It’s ugly to look at & sounds even worse. The music stutters & stops like a scratched CD while the sound effects are incredibly irritating.

All this for 99p. A shocking rip off & a shameful attempt to try & make some quick money without putting any actual effort it.

Yeti 4

It speaks volumes about the quality control of mobile game stores that something like this, a free flash player game, can end up as a paid for app. Add that it doesn’t even work fully & it’s clear that this is one worth avoiding.


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Yeti 5in1
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