Single Slam – Civil Isolation by While She Sleeps (You Are We)

The Sheffield based metal band, While She Sleeps, are back, debuting a new track on Radio 1’s rock show on the 5th of September. A new track from these guys, especially an unexpected one, is great news for us here at GBHBL who are firm fans and once again, they not only didn’t disappoint, they smashed it out of park. This is Civil Isolation.


Civil Isolation

Starting with a simple drum beat over shouted lyrics before the guitars join in it is extremely catchy making great use of the different vocal ranges they have within the band. It follows a reasonably typical structure, though one they are masters of,  in heavy verses, catchy choruses and big bouncy riffs designed for the mosh pit. There is a slowdown section near the end which builds back up to the catchy chorus. Lyrically it is very smart and sticks with the bands familiar subjects with lines like “said the sceptic, born and bred negative, no piece for the calm collective”.

I was very impressed with the different vocal ranges used throughout and the drumming throughout is brilliant, as are the riffs and the lyrics.

These guys can do no wrong. They are growing album by album and song by song. This is the natural evolution of one of the most talented bands to come from these shores in many years.

This is While She Sleeps – This is Civil Isolation

The band have since released the lyric video on YouTube along with releasing an official statement –

“Before we began writing the new album, we decided to create an environment where we could express ourselves and explore new ideas without feeling trapped or confined by rules, regulations or deadlines,” the band explain. “We transformed an old warehouse in the industrial heart of Sheffield into our new home. This song encompasses our views and experiences, breaking from the conventional model and creating a new ideology that works for us. This is something we’re all capable of, boundaries are created to be broken.”

Check the band out, support them, buy some merch and find some of the best music of the last 5 years over at their website here – While She Sleeps Official Site

Check out Civil Isolation on While She Sleeps Official YouTube channel here – While She Sleeps YouTube

Give them a Like or Follow over on Facebook here – While She Sleeps Facebook

With another announcement due from them on the 12th of September, you don’t want to miss out.


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Civil Isolation by While She Sleeps (You Are We)
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