Album Review: Temple – Funeral Planet (Ozium Records)

Listen to the planet and she’ll tell you where she stands.

According to Temple, a fresh doom metal band out of Sweden, it’s not in good stead with humanity. On their debut record Funeral Planet, the foursome weave a constant thread that is one of the abuse that Mother Nature has suffered, and the wrath that she will inflict.

Funeral Planet is out on November 25th 2020 via Ozium Records.

Thought-provoking, while being a fuzzed-out slab of heaviness, Temple stand out in a swamp of doomy releases by intertwining a relevant narrative into their music. One that gives their weighty sound even more a substantial edge.

Although that their teeth-aching fuzzed out doom metal has a bit more melody then you might expect is also something quite memorable. Something that is experienced in all its glory with the flood that is Sea of Grief. Notably having a ‘garage rock’ feel to it too.

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With Magma, Temple really start to suck the legs down into the swamp although the chuggier tempo in the latter part allows some freedom to move. Whipped turns the fuzz up an extra notch to the point it causes brain ache and Changes delves even deeper into that ‘garage’ feel that typifies this album. Don’t take that as a negative though, it really gives Funeral Planet its own exclusive doom edge.

Not that many will be able to find themselves able to focus on much more than the vibrating fuzz. Both Drain and Ashes heaping more and more brain-melting noise on top of what has already been experienced.

By time the title track arrives to wrap things up, most brains will be turned to mush. So even the naturalistic chirping of birds fails to spark anything, especially as the overwhelming doom is quick to burn it all to the ground. However, it’s a strong finale as Temple really stretch themselves to breaking point here.

Temple – Funeral Planet Full Track Listing:

1. Sea of Grief
2. Magma
3. Whipped
4. Changes
5. Drain
6. Ashes
7. Funeral Planet





Temple - Funeral Planet (Ozium Records)
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