Review of ‘Made in Heaven’

The fabric of ‘Made In Heaven’ is not one of pomp and pride. Instead, the show’s writers and co-creators have toned down the craziness of Indian shaadi and focused the nine-episode of the best webseries on a diverse group of soon-to-be-married couples. To be fair, this series outlines more of a behind-the-scenes look at the dark and edgy world of our society’s crème de la crème. 

On important occasions such as their children’s weddings, people hide their scarred relationships and broken homes with an elaborate show of money.

The central plot follows two conflicted, morally ambiguous friends as they attend various weddings that they organize. They encounter terrorists, philanthropists, contractors, former rulers, and traditionally empowered women who have been battling their inner demons and patriarchy at the same time on their journey. 

However, there are no villains, just messed-up people, and that is what makes it the best web series you will ever come across. The directors — three women and one man — give off a nonjudgmental vibe right away.

From behind the massive walls, this is the South Delhi you’ve never seen. These structures include private swimming pools, very large conference rooms, and an army of attendants. When the residents leave for work, the squabbles begin. They come face to face with their superficial selves, nemesis, and the most bizarre type of urban poverty.

It’s fantastic writing since each character has a complete biography that allows them to reveal their plight, flashes, and dreams. Everyone has a say in the final result, whether it’s Shashank Arora’s eccentric wedding videographer, Shivani Raghuvanshi’s vivacious production assistant, or Vinay Pathak’s guilt-ridden landlord. Without them, no story would be complete. They’re clinging to their seats with a vengeance. 

The leggy lass from North Delhi admits to being a “gutter se aayi hui” girl, but she stands out because she has high ambitions. And, eventually, the tacky jhumkas and wacky fashion sense are replaced by classy stilettos, designer skirts, and a snobbish attitude toward the poor. It’s ironic, to say the least! Karan, on the other hand, is a secretly gay man who is in debt and spends almost every other night jumping from daisy to daisy.

‘Made In Heaven’ is a no-holds-barred portrayal of the human psyche, especially that of the wealthy. There is no moral policing in this film, which adds to its realism and relatability. The other is a gold-digger if one is sexually liberated. Creators have depicted them in the most compassionate light possible, without defending or judging them.

This web series has nine other couples dealing with a variety of issues. If one has to marry a tree before marrying her true love and the other is a bridezilla, the latter sleeps with a celebrity the night before her wedding. Then there’s the possibility of an honor killing hanging over the head of one of the brides. 

But it works because Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur elevate the characters of Tara and Karan with their natural performances and effectively own the show without ever deviating or trying too hard. Deepti Naval, Vijay Raaz, Kalki Koechlin, Maanvi Gagroo, Rasika Duggal, and Manjot all make appearances at different points along the way, but they all manage to leave their imprints on their respective positions, making it the best web series.

 In addition, we are forced to sit through cameraman Kabir’s dream-like monologues at the end of each segment, which are hit or miss at times. His deep voice and bombastic vocabulary, on the other hand, more than makeup for the harm. 

You can use the same claim that “rich people are cut off from life” to criticize Made In Heaven, but the endless supply of entertainment, surprises, and cheap thrills will keep you hooked for the entire nine-episode run time of nearly 55 minutes and you will definitely believe it to be one of the most diversified webseries of Indian origin.

With a hazy filter on all scenes, this web series explores the stories of many recurring and guest characters. Was this one of the symbols regarding a barrier which has divided our existence from theirs? They are the wealthy and insane, the insiders, while we observe them from the outside, secretly condemning them for marrying their daughters to trees.  

‘Made In Heaven’ chooses a filmy subject, and it could have gone either way. However, the writers chose to keep the story free of clichés and instead create a stunning behind-the-scenes catalog of passion, loss, lies, anger, and anything else one shouldn’t be feeling on their most important day… Or maybe not.  

One wouldn’t be surprised if Made In Heaven were the first Indian web series to break new ground and become the most viewed web series of the year.