Album Review: Nahaya – Vital Alchemy (Rockshots Records)

Texas’ Nahaya (ft. Members of Oceans of Slumber, Vesperian Sorrow, ex-Kingdom Collapse, Painting the Massacre, Cerebral Desecration) will release their new album “Vital Alchemy” on May 21st 2021 via Rockshots Records.

Vital Alchemy follows the band’s well-received EPs: Transcendence Pt. II (2020) and Transcendence (2018).

Unsure of what you’re in for here? The guitar strumming and subtle chill of the effects that feature on the Madness of Maenads won’t help make that any clearer. It’s up to Deific Mask to show what Nahaya are made of. Instruments crash, the pace hitting thrash speed from the start but the band showcasing a filthier groove as it goes on. It’s a savage start, the vocals in particular are monstrous sounding but the guitar solo can’t be ignored either.

Things are well and truly underway now and the title track continues to showcase that groove edge but with a more melodic death metal touch. We even get some clean vocals here. Nahaya then causes shivers with Incubator by switching between furiously heaviness and dark melody without taking a breath. From mind-melting intensity to pensive introspection, it’s a wow moment.

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As is Kali Yaga. As the drums are out of control here and the fist-pumping chanting vocals/screeching guitar solo will put a smile on metal lover’s faces. Midnight Fidelio has thashy verses balanced by a drawling and catchy enough chorus. With another classy guitar solo thrown out at the end. Over already, Aghori Fires has a ruggedness to the riffs but is also clear in its intent to get listeners head-banging like crazy.

While focused on the heavier thrash/death end of the metal spectrum, there’s no denying that Vital Alchemy has more to it. Groove, melody and some unusual ideas here and there makes it a very interesting release.

Nahaya – Vital Alchemy Full Track Listing:

1. Madness of Maenads
2. Deific Mask
3. Vital Alchemy
4. Incubator
5. Kali Yuga
6. Midnight Fidelio
7. Aghori Fires



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Nahaya - Vital Alchemy (Rockshots Records)
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