13 Days of Halloween: Horror Short Review: Halloween Alone (2020)

Let him in. He just loves a good trick. A short with some nice Halloween creepy vibes, Halloween Alone comes from Chandler Thornton.

It’s Halloween night and a young man just wants to settle down with some ice-cream and watch a scary movie. A knock at the door halts his enjoyment though. Frustrated as he had turned his porch light off to deter trick or treaters, he opens his door to find no-one there.

Regardless, he leaves a small bowl of candy for any further would be trick or treaters.

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Settling down to continue his ice-cream and movie night, another knock is heard… then another. Getting annoyed now, he storms to the door, torch in hand but once again, no-one is there. Yet, this time something is different. Someone has left a note in the bowl of candy. A note suggesting that he might want to check out his basement.

A solid short made on a nothing budget but managing to create decent creepy atmosphere while feeling suitably Halloween-y. The final shot of the short is particularly twisted. Check it out yourself below.



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Halloween Alone (2020)
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