Collectable Review: Metallic Vigor Pin Badges (Bioshock Infinite)

Vigors are the primary abilities that Booker Dewitt acquires in Bioshock Infinite. Similar to Plasmids, they grant the user access to extraordinary abilities, and are powered by a single resource: Salts. Vigors were created by Jeremiah Fink after witnessing Dr. Suchong experiment with ADAM to create Plasmids. Fink stole these Plasmids and realized that by placing an oxidizing agent through them he could make them drinkable rather than needing to be injected by the user.

As with Plasmids, Vigors do cause notable side effects, visible on the user’s arm. Every Vigor has an alternate use activated by charging the Vigor, ranging from enhanced attacks to stationary traps (it should be noted that offensive Vigor Traps deal about 4x normal damage). There are a total of eight Vigors, each of which can be upgraded twice over the course of the game at the Veni! Vidi! Vigor! Vending machines scattered throughout Columbia.


Knowing that I’m a mega huge fan of all things Bioshock, Fleshmechanic got me one of the most awesome gifts I’ve ever received to add to my collection of Bioshock merchandise.


Before we peer inside I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful amount of detail put onto this small wooden box which is modeled perfectly after the many FINK MFG. crates that we see throughout our time in Columbia.


And now for the inside!


I absolutely adore the quality of these pin badges. Each pin is plated with antique bronze and is around 1.25 inches wide, simply amazing.


Ready for another close up of the pins?


Just awesome.


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