Collectable Review: Bioshock Infinite (Elizabeth’s Cameo)

While making your way through Columbia’s magical carnival you’ll eventually be stopped by the mysterious Lutece twins who offer Elizabeth a choice of two cameos; one is depicting a cage and the other a bird. Unable to decide for herself Elizabeth asks Booker for his opinion and it’s down to the player to decide which she will wear for the remainder of the game. Either way the choice doesn’t have any real significance to the overall ending but there is certainly symbolic significance in either choice. In my mind if you were you choose the cage it would represent the fact that Elizabeth has been caged for the majority of her life or on the other hand you could choose the bird which obviously represents the idea that she is now free of her cage and can finally leave.  I was always a bigger fan of the message behind the bird cameo so I went with that, considering this I was very happy when Fleshmechanic got me yet another awesome piece of Bioshock merchandise…


It’s a box! But what’s inside I hear you say…


Once again I am more than pleased with the attention to detail here, sure the box itself isn’t identical to the one that we see above but its still a very awesome leather bound box that does the job wonderfully. The biggest letdown I would say is that the cameo doesn’t come with an attached choker but the cameo itself is metallic and is actually quite heavy which is really cool. Ready for a close up?


It’s so beautiful….


Elizabeth seems happy with my choice! 😀

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