Top 10 A Nightmare On Elm Street Deaths

One, two…Freddy’s coming for you…

Growing up, this nursery rhyme scared the hell out of me, it was innocently sung by kids but its tone was dark. It implied there was some way in which you can escape Freddy’s clutches but as anyone who has seen a Nightmare On Elm Street Movie knows there is no escape.

Freddy Kruger comes for you in your dreams & often the result is a nasty & gory death. As the movies progressed these deaths became more inventive & at times, silly. This top 10 is the result of the many deaths that occurred at the clawed hand of Freddy Kruger…enjoy.

10 – Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (Spencer)

“Now I’m playin’ with power!”

Spencer Death

One of the silliest death sequences in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie but the gaming references makes it stick long in the memory. Spencer is sucked into a video game where poor looking cartoon characters attack him. All of this is being controlled by Freddy as he plays the game with references to the Nintendo power glove & the Nintendo slogan at the time.

9 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Dan)

“Better not dream & drive”.


Dan’s motorbike fusion is one of the most graphic deaths in any Nightmare movie & finding an uncut viewing of it is hard work. As Dan tries to escape the clutches of Freddy the motorbike he is riding begins to transform into the gloved killer. Bits of the bike & wiring come lose & begin to fuse themselves with Dan. It looks extremely painful & the end result sees Dan fused with the motorbike & dying in a head-on collision.

8 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Taryn)

“Let’s get high”.


Throughout Dream Warriors we witness Taryn’s fight against her drug addiction. Unsurprisingly in her controlled dreams she is a punk chick with a bad attitude but that craving never goes away. This is something Freddy is able to take advantage of & in one of the more visually disturbing scenes from any Nightmare on Elm Street movie Taryn’s needle holes become little mouths crying out for a ‘fix’. As she cowers in fear Freddy’s fingers become full needles & her jams them into her arms.

7 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (Debbie)

“You can check in, but you can’t check out”.


While weight-lifting Freddy pushes down on the weights breaking her arms. What happens next is testament to the imagination of the writers…roach legs sprout from her wounds; her skin comes off to reveal that she has become a cockroach. If that wasn’t bad enough she is then revealed to be inside a ‘roach motel’ that is inside a small box in Freddy’s hand. Naturally he crushes the box.

6 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (Sheila)

“Wanna suck-face?”


Struggling for breath as an asthmatic she gets the dubious honour of having a full-on snog with Freddy. The problem lies in that Freddy just doesn’t know when to stop & he literally sucks the breath & life out of her leaving her a dried up husk. It’s not a gory death scene at all but the result leaves quite an impact on the senses as she struggles with Freddy’s lip-lock.

5 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Jennifer)

“Welcome to prime time, bitch”.


Jennifer dreams of being a famous TV star but makes the mistake of falling asleep while watching one. The host of the TV show she is watching transforms into Freddy killing his guest before the screen descends into static. She tries to turn the channel via remote but it doesn’t work so she gets up to do it manually. 2 mechanical arms erupt from the side of the TV & grab her, lifting her up. Freddy’s head then sprouts from the top of the TV like an aerial & he smashes her face into the TV screen.

4 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Greta)

“You are what you eat”.


One of the more disturbing death scenes from the Nightmare on Elm Street sees Greta sitting at a dinner table arguing with her mother about her eating habits. Freddy appears & locks her into a huge high-chair where he then starts to force feed her. Her cheeks swell up from all the food & she begins to choke. Freddy reveals that he is actually force-feeding her, her own organs. He then begins to violently shake her as she chokes to death.

3 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (Glen)

“I’m your boyfriend now. Nancy”.


Probably the most famous death in all Nightmare on Elm Street movies as it involved a very young Johnny Depp. It is simple by Freddy standards but is easily one of goriest scenes in all of Nightmare movie history. Glen falls asleep on his bed watching TV as his girlfriend shouts & screams from the house opposite having been locked in by her drunken mother. Freddy’s hands reach up through the bed & pull Glen in leaving a hole where a fountain of blood rushes out covering the ceiling & furniture.

2 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Philip)

“What a rush”.


Philip’s death is both graphic & painful to watch as Fred slices open his legs & arms revealing his tendons. Freddy then uses these tendons to control him like a puppet leading him to the top of the hospital where he then cuts the ‘strings’ & Philip falls to his death. Imaginative as it made Philip’s death look like a suicide even though his dream warrior friends knew different.

1 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (Tina)

“This, is God”


The first & still the most effective…Tina & her boyfriend Rod have had sex & are sleeping it off. In Tina’s dream Freddy pursues her down an alley way & to Nancy’s house where he gets his hands on her & begins attacking her. In the bedroom Tina writhes in pain & Rod can’t help her, before his & our eyes claw marks appear across her body. She is dragged up the wall & across the roof all the while being slashed. She reaches a bloodied hand out in desperation to Rod before falling onto the bed in a splash of blood.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. / Three, four, better lock your door. / Five, six, grab your crucifix. / Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. / Nine, ten, never sleep again.



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  • Right there with you that Tina’s death is the best in the franchise… that scene gave me nightmares for YEARS when I was little!


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