Ranked – The Best Heavy Metal Casino Games!

What links Motorhead, Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne? Apart from arguably having their best years firmly behind them, it’s also a fact that these metal and hard rock stalwarts have been used to form a very unique subgenre of casino games.

If that sounds pretty weird, then you probably aren’t too familiar with the concept of a modern casino. Sure, you can sign up to casino.com for classic card games like live baccarat, poker and blackjack, but the same online casinos carry a massive range of branded games based on all kinds of popular culture. Everything from Ace Ventura to zombie films are covered.

We won’t bore you with our philosophical analysis of why hard rock bands seem to be a popular choice as a theme for games, but it’s enough to say that a game is more likely to be based on the music of Metallica than NSYNC. Go figure. Anyway, as with all types of entertainment, quality varies. So, we have ranked the four best games below:

1. Guns N’ Roses – NetEnt – released in 2016

Right. The shine has certainly come off Guns N’ Roses over the last couple of decades, and Axl Rose has basically become a parody of himself. However, the Gun’s N Roses slot machine – an officially licensed game, as all are on this list – celebrates the heyday of the band. A big focus goes on the masterpiece that was Appetite for Destruction, as well as a few nods to the Use Your Illusion albums. It’s quickly become one of the most popular slot games found anywhere online. The reason? It has some nifty innovative features that can lead to some big prizes, and it uses the GNR tracks to brilliant effect. The Spaghetti Incident? this is not.

2. Motorhead – NetEnt – released in 2016

The thing about the GNR game above is that it doesn’t overdo the visuals and video clips of the band; Motorhead slot basically does the opposite. Both games were released around the same time, and while GNR is more of a pure casino game, Motorhead is more of an experience for fans of the band. It’s a supreme example of how a casino game can be about a bit more than winning money and offer some all-round entertainment. It also makes you with Lemmy hadn’t passed away and you had the chance to see the band one last time.

3. Spinal Tap – Blueprint Gaming – released in 2018

Yes, we know that it’s not a real band and you’re not likely to love the music. However, we are including the game on this list because it is just so innovative. Creators, Blueprint Gaming, have a penchant for making truly creative games with brilliant special features, and Spinal Tap sits proudly among their other smash hits like Ted (based on the Seth MacFarlane movie), The Goonies and Top Cat. We literally lost count of the number of bonus games and special features on this one. You’ll never get bored.

2. Ozzy Osbourne – NetEnt – released in 2019

Ozzy Osbourne certainly knows how to make money. Over 100,000 million albums sold, television shows and now – just released this week – his own official casino game. The initial signs are pretty good, although this game does not have the brilliant graphics and real imagery of the previous ones on the list. Our favourite part is that there are options to tailor the game to your risk appetite. For instance, you can raise the bet to access better features and bigger prizes. Great stuff, but perhaps a title for casino fans rather than metal fans.


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