Broken Ticket Industry: Guns N Roses – A True Horror Story

Look no further than this show to see everything wrong with the UK, maybe the worlds, ticket industry. We start off with the greed of a band, charging in the region of £100 for a ticket. Couple that with only one show being held in the UK, and only in London, along with the suggestion that this may never happen again and what you get is a band cleaning up.

If you can afford to go to this show, you still may not get a ticket as they are likely to sell fast but don’t worry because companies such as Ticketmaster’s Get Me In can find you a ticket, for a price. Yep, already, within a very short time of the announcement there are 46 tickets available on that horrible site. Ranging from £170.50 all the way up to an outrageous £495, this is the true horror of wanting to go and see a band you love, who are popular.


Now think about the fact that tickets are only up for sale to the general public as of the 9th of December. How are these tickets being sold? It must be through the presale option available right? How do you get to be part of that presale, well you pay Guns N Roses for access –

guns 2.PNG

It is worth pointing out that it is in no way the band’s fault that tickets are up on Get Me In already. It is also worth pointing out that it is completely the band’s fault that they have chosen just one UK date and the really high starting point for tickets. What a shame – people who have been fans for a long time are priced out from seeing a band they love. If they could find the £100 plus, they may not get a ticket and be forced to pay up to 4 times that amount through a different site if they can afford that. Perhaps instead of Nightrain, Moneytrain would have been more appropriate.

In the time I have written this, there are now 64 tickets available on Get Me In and that number is growing rapidly.


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