Game Review: Slingshot Stunt Driver (Mobile – Free to Play)

From TapNice comes Slingshot Stunt Driver, a free to play game that is a combination of insane ad spam and quickly diminishing fun.

The goal of the game is to slingshot your car across various environments and land it in the target. Simple enough and fun enough… at first. Quickly it becomes clear that this is it and regardless of the different locations, gameplay remains unchanged.

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It’s simple enough to play; pull back on the slingshot, aim and then watch your car fly. Normally smashing into the first thing it comes too before flipping and bouncing over. Regardless of if you land in the target, which you won’t most of the time, you’ll be rewarded with coins.

These are spent on upgrades that will make it easier for you to reach the target. Upgrades like ‘slingshot power’ ensuring your initial launch is faster. You can also upgrade the engine so your car moves faster once it’s free of the slingshot. The last upgrade is simply called ‘bonus’ and is exactly what it sounds like. Increasing your bonus coin count so you can get more money, quicker.

You’re going to need a lot of coins and upgrades too as every jump requires multiple attempts until you’re upgraded enough to make the distance. It’s moderately fun at first but once you hit a level where all you’re doing is launching, crashing and upgrading over and over again, it stops being entertaining.

However, to make matters worse… you can actually become to over-powered resulting in slingshot launches that crash your car immediately. When that happens, which it will, you’re left trying to find the sweet spot with your slingshot power just so you can at least get close to the target. It’s so frustrating but it’s likely most will have thrown in the towel long before this happens.

Why? Well, if all that wasn’t bad enough, the game is heavy on the ad spam (and the developer doesn’t like to be called out on it, it seems). While you can remove ads for a price, the game is so repetitive that it’s not worth it.



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Slingshot Stunt Driver (Mobile - Free to Play)
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