Album Review: Yard of Blondes – Feed the Moon (Self Released)

L.A rockers Yard of Blondes will release ‘Feed the Moon’ on May 19th 2021. While the band has been around a while (where they started as a French duet), their relocation to the US in 2010 really set things in motion. Live shows, single releases, features on compilations, a documentary and more has all led to this. Their debut full length album.

A little bit of weird, a lot of wonderful. Yard of Blondes are a rock outfit capable of making you dance while also feel pensive about things too. The combination of thoughtful melodies, fast-paced rocking riffing, moody groove and the duel vocals results in a debut that is often captivating. At worst, interesting and worthy of more listens to take in the eclectic mix of what Yard of Blondes have to offer.

Feed the Moon is a challenging listen throughout but there’s no denying that’s part of the appeal. Rock for the modern times, confusing but always exciting. If you’re after vanilla, you’re not going to find it here. Although there are times where you think that’s exactly what you’re about to get.

A great example of this comes with the opener, Do You Need More. A track that has a bit of fire to it but is notable for its catchy beat. However, as it goes on, it gets unusual and far more intense. All while staying stupidly catchy throughout. That’s just one example but you could just as easily point at Lowland with its energetic poppy vibes, 1994’s bouncy and sing-along chorus warped by moody melody and Evil Twins mashed up groovy vibrancy.

Elsewhere variety comes from a the rumbling fuzzy bass of Murderology, a track that is a bit more focused and serious sounding. You And I & I, with a louder and heavier rock edge and Teenage Dreams grungier, dark melodies. Again, just a snippet of just what can be exclusively experienced on Feed the Moon.

Weird and wonderful, Yard of Blondes have crafted a musical experience here.

Yard of Blondes – Feed the Moon Full Track Listing:

1. Do You Need More
2. Murderology
3. Lowland
4. You And I & I
5. Monomoria
6. U Drive Me Crazy
7. 1994
8. Hummingbird
9. Evil Twins
10. Teenage Dreams
11. Whispers
12. Because You’re the River


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Yard of Blondes - Feed the Moon (Self Released)
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