Horror Short Review: White Christmas (2018)

The short begins by focusing on a young woman as she decorates her Christmas tree in her living room. She appears to be alone as the camera focuses on a picture of her with an unknown man.

Whoever this person is, they are important to the woman as she stares reflectively and sadly at a stocking with the letter T on it. She then gets a call from Mike who tells her he will be home late because of snow. It’s here we learn that the pair are brother and sister and it was the man in the picture recently passed away.

The brother makes reference to some scary story he used to tell related to some sort of pagan doll the sister is currently holding. They briefly laugh about it and the call ends. Quickly followed by a knock at the door.

Through the glass of the front door, she can see a figure outside but when she opens it, no-one is there. She closes it, goes to walk away but more knocking on the door stops her. Once again she can see a dark figure through the glass but this time she’s a little freaked out. So pretends to call her partner to come to the door obviously hoping to scare the person away.

When she looks at sees no-one there, she leans against the door in relief. Leading to the short’s best moment as the camera focuses on the door lock turning.

To find out what happens next, you’ll have to check it out yourself. However, it is well worth watching as it’s less then 6 minutes long (credits included) and drips in atmosphere. In a short amount of time, it gives characters enough story to make what happens effective and it utilises the Christmas setting perfectly.

A very good Christmas horror short. Check it out below:


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White Christmas (2018)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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