EP Review: Democratus – Damnation (Self Released)

When we like to talk about the Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses we like to talk about our personal experiences. Who excited us? Who looked and sounded like they could really be something in an unforgiving industry? Did they not just the drive and energy but showed they had the potential to be bigger than they currently are?

We’ve stood and watched so many incredible bands ply their trade at Bloodstock having earned their way to the New Blood Stage. We loved so many but the ones we thought really stood out we could count on two hands…and maybe a foot. Bands like Aonia, Seven Hells, Master’s Call, Goat Monsoon and these guys.


Formed in 2014, Democratus blend technicality, melody and soaring vocals to bring a new Welsh spin on melodic death metal. Forged from dragons fire and Celtic passion, their hard work earned them a slot at Bloodstock 2018 as South Wales Metal 2 The Masses winners and share stages with Light The Torch, Suffocation, Psychostick, Bloodshot Dawn, Krysthla, Vader, Desecration, Lagerstein and Skiltron.

First coming our way with some pre-Bloodstock 2018 stuff, we slowly got to know the Welsh melodic death-metallers leading to them blowing us out of the water with one of that year’s best sets. Not just on the New Blood Stage but across all the stages that weekend.

We were sold.

Now, just before Christmas the five-piece return with a brand new four-track EP called Damnation. Out on December 20th 2019.

Rest easy fans, it’s a banger. Let’s get that clear from the start. The four tracks on this EP are individually amazing and as complete package, it is necessary listening.

We begin with Is This Fear, kicking straight in as the instruments combine to create an exciting melee of heaviness. It breaks to allow vocalist Steve Jenkins to enter the fray, letting his impressive pipes soar wonderfully. He is a very talented singer, highlighted by the fact he can get amongst the dirty and guttural with the best of them later in the track. Those moments, the groovy beat is pretty damn special.

BTK mellow guitar twang is a warning, one that builds as a simple drum/bass beat picks up the pace. Leading to a ‘holy shit’ eruption that will get any room full of self-respecting metalheads moving. This might be my favourite Democratus track to date. It’s utter filth and I am more than happy to wallow in it.

Already halfway done, the title track has a tough task to follow that. Happily, it is yet another rager that allows the sharper guitar riffs to get a bit of flexing and flashing out there. A very memorable chorus is the icing on this Democratusly shaped cake.

The cherry comes from Dead Without Dying, a track that is a little bit old-school metal especially with the high-pitched scream that crops up at the start. Of course, this is all Democratus though and the meaty beat is backed up with vocals that demand you follow to hell one minute. Then in the other, offers you a pathway to heaven.

A brilliant new offering from one the UK’s finest underground bands. Spread the word, more people need to hear these guys.

Democratus – Damnation Full Track Listing:

1. Is This Fear
2. BTK
3. Damnation
4. Dead Without Dying


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Democratus - Damnation (Self Released)
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