Opinions – Review: Xbox One X

After watching countless unboxing, comparison and impression videos I finally got my hands on my very own Xbox One X.

After E3 2017, I felt Microsoft had failed to convince me to invest in this console. They failed to present enough quality, first party titles which are something I see as important. What did eventually convince me are the many third party titles that are releasing that I want to play. I figured, if I’m going to play those games I want them to look and play the best that they possibly can. I’ve had a 4K TV for just over a year and never really pushed it to its fullest potential. That changed when I decided to check out some YouTube videos in 4K. After witnessing those videos, my mind was made up.

I love technology and if it can be affordable then that’s even better. The Xbox One X is an expensive machine but it’s worth it because it’s extremely powerful. When it’s time to renew my phone contract, I want an upgrade figuratively and literally. Sure, I could get a simplistic device that does all the basics. However, who actually does that? I want one of the latest models with all of the best features. Some might say that the X isn’t a huge improvement over what is currently on offer and in some ways they are right. Still, the improvements we see in mobile phones are minimal year on year but that doesn’t stop me wanting the latest model. It certainly doesn’t stop people paying $1000 for the latest i-Phone.


Anyway, anyone that has seen a TV display a 4K Blu-Ray will be under no illusion that the difference is more than minimal.

So far, I’ve seen two games displayed in 4K. One is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the other is Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider. I can say with absolute certainty that the visual difference from the original Xbox One was immediately noticeable. What I find most apparent is how much sharper imagery is in 4K. Not only that but colours are much more vibrant and textures are smoother than I’ve ever seen them. Other effects that I have seen improvements in are shadows, smoke and fire.  Also, there is a visible improvement in the draw distance in games. Objects are still clear and visible from great distances. Not to mention the fact that the Xbox One X delivers an overall smoother experience with its ability to run games at 60FPS.

Visuals aside I have noticed other benefits to the X. Games install faster, the Xbox One OS is faster and more responsive. Also, load times for games and apps are improved. Basically, for me the visual improvements alone make the Xbox One X a must-buy for anyone that cares about that kind of thing.

I want to see to Microsoft invest in new first party IP that will truly take advantage of the power of the X. At the moment, fewer than 150 games are doing just that. However, I’ve heard it does improve games without the enhancements and it’s noticeable even at 1080p. Also, the size difference between the Xbox One X and the original One cannot be understated. Interestingly, the X is much heavier than you might think. Still, all that power has to go somewhere right?

Buying this console makes me something of an early adopter of the technology. Gaming is probably my biggest passion in life so I want to support innovation. I’m glad to see I’m not alone with the Xbox One X outselling the PS4 Pro and Switch in recent weeks.

My 4K TV is in the middle in terms of cost. Unfortunately, it does not support HDR. It amazes me that the images could be even better than they currently are. Some might say that getting the X without HDR support is pointless but the visual difference that I have witnessed says otherwise.

Overall, if you’re the type of person who loves gaming and wants to experience games as good as they can be then get the X. Or you could just get a PC, as the master race would say.

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