Horror Movie Review: Knucklebones (2016)

Written & directed by Mitch Wilson & starring Julin, Tom Zembrod and Katie Bosacki, Knucklebones is a gory slapstick B-movie horror.

The movie begins with a group of Nazis’ having created an immortal demon. One that can be summon by rolling knuckle bones & reading an ancient text. This creature arrives in bone-crunching style & slaughters everyone in sight.

Knucklebones 2

Many years later a group of college ‘kids’ go to an abandoned factory to have a good time & end up finding the knuckle bones that summon the demon. Naturally they decide to mess around with it & end up summoning Knucklebones, the wise cracking demon.

He sets about killing the kids & anyone else that gets in his path in gruesome & often hilarious fashion.

Knucklebones 3

Clearly a throwback to 80’s style killers/monsters, Knucklebones is an entertaining horror that stands out from the pack thanks to the imaginative deaths & excessive blood-letting. From the moment Knucklebones bursts out of the body of his first victim you know you’re in for a fun time.

Knucklebones 4

That being said, it is still a seriously flawed movie with the biggest issue being a lot of the cringe-inducing acting. The cast are mostly bad & the characters so generic that not a single one will stand out. Some are clearly just there to get naked while others are introduced & killed moments later. Only one character (Neesa played by Julin) gets any kind of development but even that doesn’t amount to much in the end.

The star of the film is Knucklebones. The make-up/mask isn’t the best but his wise-cracking quips are a lot of fun. His teasing comments & bad jokes as he slaughters gives him a little personality. After all he is a demon, why wouldn’t he be cocky & cruel?

Knucklebones 5

The films climax is fairly satisfying & it’s clear that there is a lot of hope to make Knucklebones more than just a one film deal. With a higher budget & a better cast, things could get really interesting for this monstrous character!

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