Opening Dark Tranquillity’s Atoma

A few weeks back I listened to Dark Tranquillity’s single release of the title track from their new album Atoma and I loved it. You can read that review here. A short while after that they released a single called Forward Momentum and, yep, you guessed it. I loved that too. You can also read that review here. Why not have a listen to the podcast too for a different view on the new album or the single, Atoma??

Anyway, I was so pleased with both of the tracks I heard that I decided to preorder the album there and then, a signed copy too, and a couple days back it arrived in the post. Much like the tracks I heard, the way the CD is put together is exceptional and beautiful so I wanted to share that with you.

I love the artwork on the cover and it’s awesome to have the guys signatures on there too. The book inside is beautifully put together with loads of amazing pictures. The way the actual CDs are in each book end, like vinyl, is brilliant too. I love the old school feel of having the song lyrics in there along with band pictures and credits at the end. It looks and feels fantastic – it really does. Thankfully, the music is also fantastic too.

If bands continue to put packages together as well as this, it would be impossible to just be satisfied with streaming or downloads. Well done Dark Tranquillity and well done Century Media Records.

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