Album Review: Destinova – Nameless Goat (Self Released)

Nameless Goat is the new album from the hard-rocking German outfit, Destinova. The album is due out on the 11th November & can be picked up from their official website here.

Opening with the punchy number, The King Around, it’s clear that the music has been inspired by many different genres within the rock & metal world in particular prog. Impressively so, no two songs sound the same & it makes for an exciting listen with lots of different ideas floating around throughout.

Songs like Wake Up, Generation Zero & closer, Shine & Collide showcase some really rocking complex sounds. It’s an album filled with rhythm that twists its way through your brain, not letting up for a moment. The former (Wake Up) is one of the best songs on the entire album, an incredibly catchy beat with some great vocals.

There are a few missteps here & there. The vocal effect that is used during parts of Road to Hell does little to enhance the sound & the ‘barking’ in Dog is a bit too silly.

The 15 second song, Stone feels a bit pointless.

“I take a stone & throw it at your face”

Followed by a quick blast of the instruments. It’s got a bit of punk about it but it’s so short it’s really hard to take any of it in. Thankfully it’s followed by the hard & heavy, Lunatic that has an absolutely killer riff & a pace that just slays.

Destinova are a band to keep an eye on, Nameless Goat is filled with upbeat & exciting riffs, plenty of melody & a clear, progressive sound.

Full Track Listing:

1. The King Around
2. Road to Hell
3. Nothing Left to Lose
4. Dog
5. A Fine Song to Reach You
6. Generation Zero
7. Lost in a Dream
8. Wake Up
9. Stone
10. Lunatic
11. Shine & Collide

We’d like to thank Destinova for providing us with a copy of the album for review purposes. If you want to hear some of the bands music you can check them out on Soundcloud & on YouTube. If you’d like to learn more about Destinova then check out their Facebook page & Twitter account.


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Destinova - Nameless Goat (Self Released)
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