Album Review: King Dude – Sex (Van Records)

There is a certain sultry quality to King Dude’s vocalist, one that might remind you of the late Peter Steele of Type O Negative. It helps that musically Sex has the same gothic tones & beats that made Type O such a beloved band, this is an album that is beckoning you towards the nearest bedroom!

Opener, Holy Christos is hardly an inspired start but it’s Who Taught You How to Love’s deep bass groove backed up by the powerful throbbing vocals & subtle drum beats that really gets the sexy party going.

Unfortunately the country-sounding I Wanna Die at 69 derails things a bit. Here the vocals dominate & begin to reach droning-on levels. It’s a really boring track that meanders on which unfortunately becomes an issue for much of the rest of the album.

The up-tempo songs are where it’s at here. The most fun & exciting stuff comes from these fast-paced numbers. Songs like Sex Dungeon (USA) & Swedish Boys have a bit more groove & swagger about them. They stand out from the pack!

Others though like The Leather One, Prisoners & The Girls are dangerously close to putting you to sleep with their boring, monotone efforts. I don’t know what the point of The Girls is, it’s vocal effects & fake live environment are incredibly annoying. By far the worst song on the album.

The final song is a piano/vocal only number that is 6 minutes in length & it feels it. Had it been half the length & coming off the back of a punchy track it would have been a really special finish but instead it just heightens how boring the whole album experience is.

For all the Type O Negative comparisons that come to mind at the start by time you reach the end of the album those have seriously waned. It’s hard not to shake off the feeling of disappointment. It promises a night to remember but ends up falling asleep before the candles have even been lit!

Full Track Listing:

1. Holy Christos
2. Who Taught You How to Love
3. I Wanna Die at 69
4. Our Love Will Carry On
5. Sex Dungeon (USA)
6. Conflict & Climax
7. The Leather One
8. Swedish Boys
9. Prisoners
10. The Girls
11. Shine Your Light


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King Dude - Sex (Van Records)
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