Music News: Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin Unleash Witchy Video for Mater Tenebrarum

Brooklyn based experimental dark folk artist Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin has released the horror influenced video for Mater Tenebrarum. The track is taken from his recently released EP THE THREE MOTHERS out now on Aqualamb Records.

Shot, directed and edited by Frank Huang, the video was conceptualized by Nathaniel as he explains:

The Mater Tenebrarum video concept is relatively simple…an ocular hallucination represents the confusion created by being influenced by the succubus described in the song. Director Frank Haung had been showing me these painted 35mm projections he had been making, which I absolutely loved. We filmed the video’s Protagonist, Ellen Philips, going through dance and incantation, blurring the victim and witch line, with Franks homemade 35mm projections playing over her. I wanted the video to be a visual accompaniment for the song, rather than a narrative. What Frank came up with is exactly what I had visually in my head when writing the music.

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Check it out below:

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