Album Review: Sunnata – Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth (Self Released)

Feral wilderness prophets Sunnata (sanskr. noun emptiness, voidness), a four-piece Warsaw-based shamanic doom-metal band are set to release their fourth full-length album Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth on the 26th February 2021.

A mellow and cold start, Crows’ begins in uncomfortable fashion. Then, almost out of nowhere, it explodes with feverish intensity. It’s sharp and shocking but brief and quickly dissipates. The haunting melody returns only to be once again usurped further along by the harsher sound which sticks around for a longer period this time around.

A kick-ass opener, its eclectic take on doom is very attention grabbing.

God Emperor of Dune begins to really show off that ‘shamanic’ tag that comes with the band for something that is haunting but somewhat warming too. The subtle rhythm conjures up images of ancient rituals in deep forests. Where the darkness arrives so suddenly and the shadows are way more threatening than before.

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A Million Lives then surprises by having some serious pep and bounce to it. Almost kind of catchy to a degree and the chaotic final segment with those howls is simply phenomenal. Whereas Black Serpent doubles down on the darkness, getting fuzzy and layered with uncomfortable moments.

It’s a unique listen, that much is clear. It is also very capable of holding the attention throughout as the eerie shamanic sound of Völva (The Seeress) rings out. The image of worship to a deity that may not have the brightest of intentions is very strong. Before Way Out ends the ceremony that is Burning in Heaven, Melting On Earth in beautified fashion.

Sunnata – Burning in Heaven, Melting On Earth Full Track Listing:

1. Crows
2. God Emperor Of Dune
3. A Million Lives
4. Black Serpent
5. Völva (The Seeress)
6. Way Out



Sunnata - Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth (Self Released)
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