Horror Movie Review: The Ouija Experiment (2011)


Rule number one: we do not talk about Ouija club.

Whoops, wrong film but with the amount of Ouija related horrors we’ve had over the last few years it’s beginning to feel like a club, a horrible, sweaty & smelly club that only serves warm beer & soggy egg salad sandwiches.


The creators of The Ouija Experiment decided to combine the ghostly-goings-on of spirit boards with a found footage movie. Yes, originality within the ghost genre is long dead; we have nothing left but the same tired tropes being trotted out over and over again. It’s like a circus with all manner of animals that are barely fed, abused with whips & dragged out to once again amuse the screaming 10 year old that’s high on sugar.

This isn’t enough though…just to add insult to injury the film opens with a claim to be based on true events. What are these true events? From what I can see any & all instances of supposed Ouija board spookiness. It’s a bullshit line that has no basis in fact.


This is movie that sells itself as a real event claiming to be actual found footage (like Blair Witch) that has been pieced back together yet near the end you get a flashback scene! It’s such a mess of a movie with terrible actors, horrible characters & cringe-worthy dialogue.

It looks like it has been filmed on someone’s mobile phone & suffers from every problem that comes with the found-footage sub-genre. The story has been done before, it has no originality at all & its scares are of very low quality, unless you like jump scares.

A group of friends (kind of?) get together to play with an Ouija board.


There are three rules in The Ouija Experiment…

Rule 1: Never ask a spirit how it died.
Rule 2: Never ask a spirit how you will die.
Rule 3: Never stop playing without saying goodbye.

These three rules are stressed so often so you know they’re important which makes it even more laughable when the characters just stop obeying them. A sub-plot about a couple rowing over who he has been texting (the Ouija board was kind enough to reveal his secret) is used as the distraction for the rule breaking but it is far from convincing mainly because of the horrific acting.


The Ouija Experiment’s actors are up there as some of the worst to grace the horror movie screen. The scariest moments of the movie involve the characters actually trying to pretend to be human beings.

Their characters behave like some of the dumbest people ever. Your boyfriend is missing & there is a pool of blood in his home? Keep looking around & calling his name instead of calling the police! You’re hearing evil growls in the room next door? Go take a look!

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tiresome. This is a movie where you’re likely to get eye strain from the amount of eye-rolling you’re going to do.


Bad, really bad.

It has a sequel, somehow it has a god-damn sequel!


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