Live Stream Review: Goatwhore (09/01/21)

With no actual live shows in the immediate future as we make our way into 2021, the livestream events continue to try and keep both bands and fans entertained. It’s never the same, not even close, but they have often been a wonderful distraction from all the negative events occurring in the world. For 90+ minutes, the greatest bands in the world have been invited into our homes to ply their trade and for that, we can be thankful.

The latest event we settled down to watch and enjoy in the comfort of our living room came from American blackened death/thrash metal legends, Goatwhore. A band that has been busting their balls in the extreme scene since 1997.

A multi-camera event spanning their impressive career, if you have been eagerly awaiting something dark and intensely heavy, this was the stream for you.

20 tracks are aired with the majority coming from their latest album, Vengeful Ascension. Although plenty also come from 2014’s Constricting Rage of the Merciless, 2012’s Blood for the Master and 2009’s Carving Out the Eyes of God. The focus is almost completely on the latter portion of their career with only 1 track coming from any album pre-2009.

There are no complaints though as Goatwhore have arguably been putting out some of their best work in the last decade. Tracks like Decayed Omen Reborn, Mankind Will Have No Mercy, Blood for the Master, Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos and When Steel and Bone Meet sound immense.

It may not be seeing the band live and in the flesh but it’s the next best thing. Thanks to the quality sound recording and the multi-camera experience. Talking of which…

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The decision to keep the camera tight and focused on the band, zooming in close and feeling quite constricted works so well for the heavy noise Goatwhore churn out. Frontman and vocalist, Ben Falgoust is a commanding figure and when he gets up close to a camera to spit fury, you can almost feel his hot breath on your face.

Fire and fury for around 90 minutes, Goatwhore are on top form here and while it can never be as good as seeing this band in the flesh, it’s damn fine watching.


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Goatwhore (09/01/21)
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