EP Review: Sacrocurse – Supreme Terror (Shadow Records)

One of the underground’s best-kept secrets, Sacrocurse have been sticking to their nuclear-powered guns since 2012. The band, which has spanned continents in the past, is led by scene veteran ZK, who began his prolific career in Mexico’s Unholier in the early ’90s and has played in such south-of-the-border bands as Nodens and Morbosidad and has recently joined Russia’s Pseudogod as tour session bass-player. However, it is Sacrocurse where ZK has made his name in recent years, and the band have delivered two foul full-lengths of warring black/death that retain the rich lifeblood of quintessential South American madness.

Shadow Records (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) is proud to present a special EP from Sacrocurse called Supreme Terror. Out on January 20th on CD, 12″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats.

The unhinged nature of this record, four sharp blasts of ferocity, is what most will remember upon hearing it. 17-minutes of feral death and thrash infused metal with a super-raw authority but not what you might call ‘rough’. Instead, the clarity from the razor-sharp guitar lacerations, the bone-crunching percussion and demonic vocals is front and centre. There’s no getting away from the pure hellishness of what Sacrocurse unleash here.

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Aggressive and noisy, there’s a real horror feel to Supreme Terror and it’s something Sacrocurse are revelling in. With grins on their faces and beckoning fingers, the invitation to join them in their pit of malice is way more appealing than you might initially think.

Sacrocurse – Supreme Terror Full Track Listing:

1. Herethical Catharists
2. Man Became Cursed
3. Temple Is Open
4. From Genesis to Revelations


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Sacrocurse - Supreme Terror (Shadow Records)
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