Live Review: Voivod/Childrain at The 02 Islington Academy, London (04/12/19)

Entitled the ‘Use Your Collusion’ Tour, alongside the scumdogs of the universe GWAR, legendary metallers Voivod and Spanish up and comers, Childrain arrived in London on a cold December night. The 02 Islington Academy playing host to a night of deafening heavy metal.

Now before I can talk about Voivod and Childrain we need to address the elephant in the room. Why am I not reviewing GWAR too? It’s as simple as this…I didn’t see them. Not because I dislike them or anything. Far from it, it was simply a matter of work commitments meaning at most I’d have been able to watch 2-3 songs. You can’t review a band’s live show on that and to attempt to do so would be doing GWAR a disservice and making us look like idiots.

I was there to see Voivod having done an interview with vocalist Snake earlier in the day. However, the excitement of seeing Childrain for the first time was just as high.

If you don’t know, Childrain are a five-piece melodic metal band from Vitoria in Spain and they released one of this year’s best albums. Called The Silver Ghost, we went from not having heard of them to considering them one of the brightest young acts in metal right now.

It’s heartening to see the Academy fill up for their arrival and while folks are initially spread out, curious as to what they’re about to witness, by the end we have a sea of head-banging fans. For 30-odd minutes Childrain deliver a stunning set ensuring their first time in London won’t be their last. That they played my personal favourite song, The Valley of Hope was almost to much to joy to bear.

I can’t say enough just how at the top of their game these guys are and I really hope they go on to bigger and better things.

By time the lights dip for Voivod, the place is absolutely packed. If the venue isn’t officially sold out, it’s a handful of tickets away from being so. There isn’t a single person inside who isn’t watching the stage as the legendary metallers arrive.

Being my first time seeing them, I did wonder just what the fuss was all about as it’s a bit of a ropey start. However, an hour later and I was sold. Voivod are excellent and delve into their extensive back catalogue deeply.

We often talk about how if a band looks like they’re enjoying themselves on stage, it spreads into the crowd. That is exactly what we get here, the members grinning away throughout and even having some fun with each other. It’s hard to tear your eyes away from Snake, who moves around the stage with all the grace of a drunk uncle at a wedding but with none of the danger.

I didn’t see GWAR but I find it hard to believe that they were able to follow Voivod and judging by the number of people snaking towards the exit afterwards, many others agreed.

It’s a triumphant return to London for Voivod and a triumphant arrival for Childrain.


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Voivod/Childrain at The 02 Islington Academy, London (04/12/19)
  • Voivod - 9/10
  • Childrain - 10/10
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