Interview: Wallowing (Audio)

One of the UK underground’s most fascinating groups, the sci-fi extreme metal quintet, Wallowing, returned with their new album Earth Reaper, released 28th April via Church Road Records.

Continuing the themes on Wallowing’s acclaimed debut Planet Loss (2019), Earth Reaper is their second concept album and sees the listener diving into a bleak universe plagued by evil, oppressive rule. A mysterious outcast living amongst a group of unlikely and unearthly beings. Yearning to uncover the truth behind her own existence, the outcast makes a risky attempt to break free from her company and face the reality of the dead planet they reside on.

Earth Reaper is an astonishing release that grows and grows in grandeur as it goes on. Leading to a finale, the title track, that might very well be the most creative thing Wallowing ever release. Effectively an album of two halves, The first six tracks of the album serve as a prologue to the title track. A gargantuan track that is around 22 minutes long.

If Planet Loss was the release that put Wallowing on the map, Earth Reaper is the release that blasts them into the stratosphere.

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