Album Review: Wallowing – Planet Loss (Sludgelord Records/Black Voodoo Records)

Rabid and feral, Wallowing’s brand of sci-fi themed blackened sludge/grindcore/noise wastes no time. Utilizing a single, 32 minute piece of music split between six sub-tracks. ‘Planet Loss’ covers such issues as the current political climate, the effects it has on the planet and its inhabitants, racism, homophobia, and discrimination as a whole, being born into a failing system and mental illness as well as the stigma around such issues.

Wallowing provide a self-aware perspective, all carefully crafted within an epic story of a small rebellion fighting its last battle against a ruling oppressive regime only to result in the end of civilization due to both parties own ignorance. Providing an immersive soundscape, ‘Planet Loss’ is self-described by Wallowing as “if crusties wrote 2112.

Planet Loss is released on the 13th September 2019 via Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records.

Planet Loss

The low screeching build of Prologue culminates just as it is about to break leading into Earthless, announcing its arrival with a thumping and methodical drum beat. Assisted by feedback laden guitars and fuzzy screams of pain and suffering. It’s slow, thoughtful but disgustingly heavy providing a horrid soundtrack to the destruction of our planet.

Phosgene takes swipes at discrimination with a shorter and more intense track. The tempo higher, the drums and guitars have a little more energy and fire in them with these brutalising breaks of coherence amongst utter chaos. Thank the gods for them because this is utter noise where picking discernible sounds from it is no easy task.

If your mind hasn’t turned to mush already, prepare a bowl because Hail Creation pushes the rumbling and feedback to an even higher level. It’s even filthier sounding then anything that has been heard so far and confirmation that Wallowing’s Planet Loss, while certainly an acquired taste, is something to behold.

It’s seems like it’s over way to quickly as we reach the penultimate track, Vessel. However, it’s a really strong track to close on (not counting Epilogue). The longest at over 8 minutes, the subject matter of mental health is a topical one. With Wallowing expressing their thoughts and feelings as only they know how. Lots of guitar feedback, a disjointed approach, drumming that shakes the body’s organs and aching screams. Though it has to be said this is also the most listenable track on the album for its flashes of post-like rhythm.

One to easily fall in love with, Wallowing is an effort and you’ll have to be in the right mind for it but it’s worth it.


Wallowing – Planet Loss Full Track Listing:

1. I. Prologue
2. II. Earthless
3. III. Phosgene
4. IV. Hail Creation
5. V. Vessel
6. VI. Epilogue




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Wallowing - Planet Loss (Sludgelord Records/Black Voodoo Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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