Horror Short Review: Mailer Daemon (2020)

While not a horror in the conventional sense (you’re not getting blood, guts or scary scenes), Mailer Daemon tells the horrifying story of monotony and hope. All from the perspective of a demon named Todd (Joey Harmon).

You know those ‘bounce back’ emails you get when your email doesn’t go through for whatever reason? Those aren’t automated. In fact it’s the job of Todd, who must sit at his desk every minute of every day and send non-delivered returns to millions of failed emails around the world.

Boring? Absolutely but it’s his purpose and to not do it would mean a life of janitorial servitude having had his mind wiped. His boss is very clear on this, so Todd gets on with it.

Until one email gets his attention and he decides to reply to it. Something that could have severe consequences, not just for him either.

Writer and director John Mudge has done an outstanding job here. Mailer Daemon is a little bit funny, a little bit sad but filled with a whole load of charm. The story is excellent, genuinely gripping with a bunch of fun twists and turns along the way to its sweet finale.

A lot of that comes down to the sublime portrayal of Todd, given such life by Joey Harmon. From the moment he appears in all his blue glory and lights up a cigarette, his charm is undeniable. He’s just so damn likable that you really, desperately, want him to get the thanks he so desires.

He’s adorable…and a dork…he is adorkable.

We, just like him, know he should not respond to an email but it’s impossible to not get behind him once everything is set in motion. There’s no belief that Todd will have a ‘happy’ ending, he is a mailer daemon after all, it’s just a simple thank you and that is something so easy to get behind.


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Mailer Daemon (2020)
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