Album Review: Vor – Depravador (Third I Rex)

The Spanish noisemongers Vor bring to the table one of the most corrosive releases of the year with Depravador. Get ready for total obliteration. Heaviness has never been so harsh. Just bass, drums, and vocals that are enough to tear your face away!

Vor 2

Vor are an interesting listen, a fascinating take on metal as it delivers heaviness and inventiveness with limited resources. With Depravador they create a sound that is disjointed and nontraditional but one of the heaviest releases this year.

Weighted towards making as much noise as possible with a slow and booming tempo, the title track’s unclear direction fails to spark. It’s a little too messy to really enjoy. Something that the following Black Goat fixes. With that track the promised bass and drums build shines through and the faster groove sits a lot prettier within such a dirge of sound.

The pointless minute long noise of Wny briefly halts the forward momentum before the booming tension of Cudgel keeps things sounding hot and exciting. A track that racks up the feeling of uncomfortableness with a sharp, drone like beat.

You start to not notice that it’s just bass, drums and vocals. Most of the components are there to make heavy metal music and with the dirty doom chug of Blood… Fear… Knife… Sin, no-one will be complaining.

After a couple of genuinely good and short tracks, Vor pull out another huge one but with Daga it feels way more refined. By this stage of the album they’ve certainly found their feet. It’s still a hell of a disjointed track that twists like badly piece of blown glass but leaves a much better impression. As close to an epic as you’re going to get with Vor, the throbbing bass lines constantly impress and unsurprisingly they follow it up with the even longer, Dark Fraga.

Seemingly aware that the listener might be running out of steam at this stage, Vor hit a high tempo that has all the elements of hard rock at first before prising open the jaws of the beast to scream doom down its throat.



Vor 1

Vor – Depravador Full Track Listing:

1. Depravador
2. Black Goat
3. Wny
4. Cudgel
5. Blood… Fear… Knife… Sin
6. Daga
7. Dark Fraga

You can order the album via Third I Rex and via the band here. Find out more/keep up to date by like Vor’s Facebook Page.


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Vor - Depravador (Third I Rex)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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