EP Review: Deathless Legacy – Saturnalia (Scarlet Records)

‘Saturnalia’ is an avant-garde concept musical suite that marks the fifth chapter of Deathless Legacy’s discography. The 24-minutes song is complemented by a black and white medium-length film in the style of the early 900’s silent expressionist cinema, which is a hybrid between a music video and a movie.

Saturnalia will be released on March 13th 2020 via Scarlet Records.

Open your eyes, then open them again. You’re going to need a clear head and a willingness to put yourself in a musical conundrum to really understand what Deathless Legacy have created here. Saturnalia is an epic, that much should be clear but, what kind of an epic is it?

Well, it’s a bit of everything really. Symphonic, speed, heavy metal, rock, goth, melancholy, synth, melody and much more. A lot to take in but something that really delivers on its bombastic avant-garde conceptual promise.

For coming up with such a unique idea and executing it to such aplomb, Deathless Legacy deserve plenty of plaudits even if it’s not something that resonates with you. It’s is something of a work of art and like all art, it is subjective.

Deathless Legacy – Saturnalia Full Track Listing:

1. Saturnalia


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Deathless Legacy - Saturnalia (Scarlet Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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