EP Review: Novere – Soulless Elements (Self Released)

Novere’s roots are anchored in a soil of early post-metal, exploring the universe of human emotions and mental struggles, mixing elements of doom, black metal and post-rock. Based in North London and formed in 2020, Novere is a collaboration between international musicians who were brought together by the desire to venture into the sonic paths of dark, slow and heavy music.

Novere recorded its debut EP, Soulless Elements, in August 2021 with Wayne Adamas at Bear Bites Horse Studio which will be released this year on December the 9th and is currently working on its second release.

A 3-track EP of melancholic heaviness, Novere combine different metal genres to create their own despondent but infectious sound. Beginning with the exceptional melding of dark doom, blackened heaviness and post-beauty on Black Sky. The variation in tempos makes it somewhat unsettling but across near 8-minutes, Novere tell you so much about just how imaginative they can be. It’s a challenging listen but in the best way possible. The way that makes you finish it and immediately go back and listen to it again.

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Following that is no easy task but with Waves, Novere continue to showcase just how unique and strong their music is. Here, the post soundscape is much stronger and the melodies shine through brightly. The chuggy latter part is simply phenomenal.



Alas, it’s over already but not before Novere say Farewell with a track that has such heart and such depth. A miserable and sullen start gives way to pounding riffing and harsh, black-infused heaviness. It’s a track that combines nasty noise with really powerful rhythm, dropping into ear-bleeding doomy depths.

Wow. Possibly 2021’s best EP release.

Novere – Soulless Elements Full Track Listing:

1. Black Sky
2. Waves
3. Farewell


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Novere - Soulless Elements (Self Released)
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