Album Review: Jarun – Sporysz (Arachnophobia Records)

Sporysz is the third album from Polish folk-influenced black/prog metal act Jarun. Due out on December 22nd 2017 via Arachnophobia Records.

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Sporysz is a story about death and madness, humans and nature, and the transformation of seasons. It’s a kaleidoscope of thoughts and words, and memories based on deep and serious life experiences.

The title track kicks off with a deep & throbbing bass sound before increasing the tempo into dark black metal territory. Unlike a lot of other black metal acts though Jarun immediately mark themselves out as different because of the prog elements that stay layered throughout.

A decent amount of aggression is offset by a clear desire to be more than just another metal band. Something that Jarun prove with the excellent blend of melody & heavy rhythm that is Powidoki. An outstanding track.

The more proggy side of Jarun comes out to play on the delightfully odd folk styling but still impressive, Jesień wieczności. It’s followed by the return of the deep bass strumming of Wichry & the matter of fact, Sny jak ziemia, sny jak rzeka. The latter a straight-forward & forgettable prog-heavy number.

Jarun finish things off in grand & heavy style, presenting their best track of the album. A magnificent finale that delivers on uplifting rhythm & head-banging heaviness. It’s the perfect end to an album that really will stand the test of time. As the more you listen to it, you discover more intricate details.

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Jarun – Sporysz Full Track Listing:

1. Sporysz
2. Powidoki
3. Jesień wieczności
4. Wichry
5. Sny jak ziemia, sny jak rzeka
6. Malowany ogień

You can pick up Jarun’s music over on Bandcamp & pick up the album via Arachnophobia Records’ website. Find out more about the band over on Facebook.

Album Review: Jarun - Sporysz (Arachnophobia Records)
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