Horror Short Review: Elf on the Shelf (2017)

The popularity of the whole ‘elf on a shelf’ thing has resulted in a fair few ‘elf’ related horror movies and plenty of shorts too. Once such one that clocks in at just 2:01 is Crypt TV’s Elf On A Shelf. A super-short gleeful Christmas horror that will bring a smile to the blood-thirsty beast in all of us.

It opens with a young woman, a babysitter begging her boyfriend to come over. He agrees and she answers the door to get her freshly delivered pizza. By her behaviour on the phone, her behaviour to the pizza delivery guy and her behaviour to the child she is watching, you can tell she’s not a great person.

A literal moment after trying to send the child off to bed, the boyfriend arrives and the pair drag him to his room. Furious with them, the boy picks up his ‘elf on a shelf’ toy and wishes it was real so he could do what he wants on Christmas.

Well, it turns out this year he is going to get everything he wished for which is not so good for the teenage couple currently making out.

Be prepared for some impressive violence and gore all meted out with a candy cane. This is a great short, delivering the Christmas feel alongside some nasty horror. It might make you take your own elf on a shelf down. Check it out below.

Elf on the Shelf (2017)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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