Album Review: War Dogs – Die By My Sword (Fighter Records)

War Dogs were formed in Elche (Alicante/Spain) in 2015 and after completing their lineup during the following two years, they released their debut EP in 2018.

During the first half of 2019, War Dogs recorded their debut full-length “Die by My Sword” at the Blackstage Studios in Alicante, being then mixed in Sweden by Olof Wikstand from Enforcer. The song “The Shark” is a tribute to Mark Sheldon (rip) of Manilla Road and also features the collaboration of the current band’s vocalist Bryan Patrick.

It will be released on January 9th 2019 via Fighter Records.

Drawing deeply from the well of traditional heavy metal, Die By Sword starts hot and rarely cools down over 44 minutes and 10 tracks. Speeding riffs, huge hooks and a constant bouncy rhythm, it’s every bit a heavy metal album. So why is it so lacking in excitement?

There’s plenty of urgency and plenty of fire, there’s no faulting that. The likes of Castle of Pain, Wings of Fire and Ready to Strike are rollicking metal numbers after all. The riffs and hooks are literally the driving force behind what makes Die By My Sword a good listen but there’s not much else. The vocals are so muted. Solid and talented but just not burning as brightly as the guitars.

The only time they really lift are during group/gang vocal moments and when Bryan ‘Hellroadie’ Patrick pops in on The Shark.

I don’t want to be too harsh on War Dogs as Die By My Sword is not a bad album. It’s simply a matter of lacking that spark that really gets the blood pumping and hair standing on end. Solid heavy metal that won’t get many replays overall.

War Dogs – Die By My Sword Full Track Listing:

1. Die By My Sword
2. Castle of Pain
3. Wings of Fire
4. Master of Revenge
5. Kill the Past
6. Ready to Strike
7. The Shark (feat. Bryan ‘Hellroadie’ Patrick)
8. The Lights Are On (But Nobody’s Home)
9. Gorgon Eyes
10. Wrath of Theseus




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War Dogs - Die By My Sword (Fighter Records)
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