Horror Short Review: Confessions of a Haunting… (2021)

From the super-talented writer and director, Andrew J.D. Johnson and starring Julie Mainville comes Confessions of A Haunting. An under 3-minute short that will send a small shiver down the spine but is also saying something that is very easy to forget.

… break…. the…. cycle.

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Filmed like a vlog, the main character (played by Julie Mainville) speaks to the camera in emotional tones. She describes what seems to be have been a poor relationship with her father as he was never around. One that they will never have the time to correct as he has since passed away. At least that’s what it seems to be, but it is ambiguous at first.

A young girl then calls for her off-screen, but she tells them that she is doing something and is busy. Subtle but clever. What happens next? Check it out below to find out.

Those looking for a ‘bleaugh’ style jump scare, as you often get in shorts will find themselves disappointed come the end. Which is a shame because this is a short designed to do two things. Make you feel just a modicum of fear and to turn off your device directly afterwards and spend time with loved ones. Something that has been taken away from many this past year.

The sad music that plays over the last few seconds really hammers that point home.

Julie Mainville is outstanding here. In a very short amount of time she expresses so many emotions. Fear, regret, loss, frustration and hope. All of that in less than 3 minutes. Amazing.

It’s not Robinson’s most terrifying work, nor his most elaborate but once again, through simplicity, he has delivered a memorable slice of supernatural drama. That is why he has become one of our favourite horror creators so even if this doesn’t do much for you, check out all his other work!

Confessions of a Haunting... (2021)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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