Album Review: Helslave – From The Sulphur Depths (Pulverised Records)

Italian filth-mongers Helslave return with their hellbent sophomore record “From The Sulphur Depths” and the intention to nuke and level everything to the ground! The album will be released on April 23rd 2021 via Pulverised Records.

The eerie melody of the title track, an intro that sets the teeth on edge immediately as you just know it heralds the start of something truly horrible. That something horrible is Helslave and their obliterating effort, From the Sulphur Depths. Unholy Graves akin to watching a wildfire move at a terrifying pace as it consumes your home.

Yes, Helslave are a destructively heavy band. Death metal with elements of thrash and a touch of black. It’s a scarring combination, especially when it’s played with such ferocity. Thrive in Blasphemy wants heaven to hear the noise Helslave are making. Perpetual Damnation is no doubt exactly what suffering in the pits of Hell sounds like and Last Nail in the Coffin hammers the suffocating death home. Nasty stuff but thoroughly enjoyable too.

Helslave know exactly what they’re doing, do it with a ton of confidence and all the power of of a band at the top of their game. It’s nothing but wild head-banging as they fire through Thy Will Be Undone, Funereal Lust, Desecration and Rotting Pile of Flesh. However, don’t confuse brutality with just noise as Helslave have a ton of imagination to their riffs. It’s the drums and vocals that truly add the weight to these songs and the album overall.

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The album ends with the longest track, The Sentence of the Living, which passes the 5 minute mark. A truly grand finale, the filthy tempo punctuated by riffs ring throughout the brain. The vocals are the ultimate personification of vile guttural noise, and the bass and drums make it feel like the head is being crushed.

Helslave – From the Sulphur Depths Full Track Listing:

1. From the Sulphur Depths
2. Unholy Graves
3. Thrive in Blasphemy
4. Perpetual Damnation
5. Last Nail in the Coffin
6. Thy Will Be Undone
7. Funereal Lust
8. Desecration
9. Rotting Pile of Flesh
10. The Sentence of the Living


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Helslave - From The Sulphur Depths (Pulverised Records)
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