Album Review: Them Bloody Kids – Radical Animals (Self Released)

Them Bloody Kids are a London-based Alternative Rock/Metal trio – comprised of Sebastian Moederle-Lumb (vocals, guitars), Darren Maddox (drums) and Vein (bass). They’re bursting into 2021 with their riff-heavy, politically charged debut album, Radical Animals, out on April 23rd.

We’re looking at future superstars here. Even if the blend of frantic riff work, nu-metal groove, punk spirit and massive shout-along choruses does little for you personally, it’s very easy to see the mass appeal that Radical Animals will have.

Brimming with energetic instrumentation and a ton of pointed sharpness, both lyrically and in how the vocals are spat out, Them Bloody Kids come out swinging with Justified Lies. The short length of this opener just makes it even more cutting and it’s an attention grabber.

The groove is way more present with Show No Love, the excitement of the building rhythm turning into an explosive chorus that sounds downright dangerous. It’s then followed by the super catchy punkishness of Do What You Do, the raspy edge of the vocals are captivating but the riffs are where it’s at here. Before Molly builds an incredible amount of tension with some proper thick riffing that is paid off by everything else getting darker and heavier. This is one of the best vocal performances on the entire album.

You’ll likely know by now if this is working for you. Them Bloody Kids, in a handful of tracks, have showed off a ton of variety in their sound. While also showing where the focus is – heavy groove, sharply delivered and with an aggressive, uncomfortable but attention grabbing delivery.

It’s why The Demon, Into the Night and Freedom of Peace are just as good as everything that came before. A trio of angry balls of energy with spitting fury but controlled so well to make each catchy and exciting. If you want Them Bloody Kids to sound like they’re right up in your face, turn this up loud. It’s the best way to experience the absolute passion this band exudes.

What else do they have to offer? Just even more ‘fuck you’ attitude and a desire to get you, the listener, to be involved. Something they make look so easy. The Angel, something not so innocent as its jabbing heaviness is offset with dirty drops that has a sinister edge. System Corrupted pulls absolutely no punches. Not just with its lyrical content or the way in which the vocals are vomited out but with the energetic guitars/drums combo. It makes you want to grab a banner, a bunch of pals and go march on the corrupt leaders that laugh and point from their ivory towers.

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Yes, it was made clear at the start, this is a highly politicised album and Them Bloody Kids are unashamed in that fact. If you don’t like your metal to have messages or statements, you’re going to have to really limit what you listen too.

Them Bloody Kids have anger in them and this is the summary of that, wrapped up in quality alternative rock and metal. It’s a constantly shifting and moving album where you can never predict what is coming next. It’s what makes the melodramatic build up on the title track so worrying. The eventual eruption of chaotic heaviness, a top shelf release.

The Illusion is a full on return to the captivating groove and spitfire vocals, albeit with another excellent chorus. Before the album wraps up with the massive finale of Light On Upstairs. Here Them Bloody Kids have that dangerous heaviness to their sound again. You know, the lower tempo stuff that sounds like a warning and almost always leads to speeding fury and more. That’s the case here but the trio take their time, really ratcheting up the tension until it’s almost too much to take. Thrilling stuff.

These guys are going to be superstars.

Them Bloody Kids – Radical Animals Full Track Listing:

1. Justified Lies
2. Show No Love
3. Do What You Do
4. Molly
5. The Demon
6. Into the Night
7. Freedom of Peace
8. The Angel
9. System Corrupted
10. Radical Animals
11. The Illusion
12. Light On Upstairs


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Them Bloody Kids - Radical Animals (Self Released)
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