EP Review: Ad Meliora – The Void, The Time, The Path (Self Released)

Ad Meloria is an alternative-rock band formed in Stockholm in 2019 with experienced musicians coming from Spain, Italy and Canary Islands. Their sound dances in between alternative, post/rock with some groovy elements and math vibes, all of that wrapped with the love from the hardcore scene from which all the members come from.

Their debut EP; The Void, The Time, The Path was released on the 14th of April 2021.

A wicked blend of alternative metal energy, catchy rockiness and deeper complexities, Ad Meloria skirt an interesting line with this debut EP. A line that has them balancing between mainstream grooviness and an eclectic and electric underground weirdness. To call it attention grabbing is to not do the head-turning nature of the EP proper justice.

It’s an EP that is very easy to get lost into and the opening high-tempo energy of Escaping Forward is where the rug is pulled out from under your feet. Expect the unexpected with Ad Meloria as Hour of Z is a simpler sounding affair but still has a feel-good and good-time rhythm. Whereas Gigante Roja is a much more mellow tune, the guitars comforting and the vocals adding the warmth.

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The latter two tracks, 10 am and Doomsday Celebration, are a combination of heavy groove, smooth and sharp guitar jabs, punchy percussion and more. Of the two, it is the finale of Doomsday Celebration that really leaves a mark. The energy is dialled up a notch and it really encourages some jumping around.

Ad Meloria – The Void, The Time, The Path Full Track Listing:

1. Escaping Forward
2. Hour of Z
3. Gigante Roja
4. 10 am
5. Doomsday Celebration


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Ad Meliora - The Void, The Time, The Path (Self Released)
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