EP Review: Aschenvater – Landungsfeldmassaker (Dead Center Productions)

German old-school Death Metal band Aschenvater have signed to Dead Center Productions to release their debut EP “Landungsfeldmassaker”. The EP will be released on April 30th, 2021.

One of the interesting things about Aschenvater and their debut EP is their decision to sing in their native language. It’s rarer then you think to hear old school death metal sung in German but it is pretty damn cool. What’s also damn cool is this EP overall. Aschenvater bringing a ton of frantic heaviness and old-school speed to the hungry masses with the first couple of tracks.

Before changing tactics for half of Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götte with a slower and filthier groove. The other half as frenzied as anything heard so far. This is the shit that makes you want to bang your head as hard as humanly possible.

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The latter part of the EP sticks solidly to the crushing and explosive playbook for even more reasons to start a circle pit. Aschenvater may not be reinventing the wheel but they’re certainly putting it to use. So what if they’ve doused it in fuel, lit it on fire and have sent it careening down the street!?

Aschenvater – Landungsfeldmassaker Full Track Listing:

1. Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung
2. Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig
3. Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter
4. Blut auf schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrausch
5. Massaker // Echos
6. Durch das Kadavermeer // Geschenke des Krieges
7. Verräter // Visionen der Hölle


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Aschenvater - Landungsfeldmassaker (Dead Center Productions)
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