Horror Short Review: Christmas Presence (2015)

Christmas Presence is a five-minute (ish) horror short that sees a young woman (Julia Gomez) taking over babysitting duties for her sick friend. At the house the couple are welcoming & kind but ask her not to touch any of the Christmas ornaments.

It turns out that this family love Christmas & have decorated the house in spectacular style. The babysitter is wowed by it all except for the life size Santa doll that stands in the corner. Instantly creepy thanks to the white face & black eyes.

Christmas Presence 2

Hearing noises upstairs, she decides to go investigate but only succeeds in scaring herself. Answering a call from her friend, she tells her about the creepy Santa statue to which her friend ask the question no-one would want to hear. What Santa statue?

Written and directed by Henrique Couto, Christmas Presence is a fun & creepy horror that’s short run-time makes it effective. The story isn’t original as the likes of Amusement did a similar thing but the difference here is the Christmas theme.

Christmas Presence 3

Julia Gomez is the star & does great as the peppy/positive babysitter. She’s adorable & an actress that we do rate as she was the standout star of Amityville: No Escape. She lights up the screen & adds the layer of tension needed to make Christmas Presence memorable. Check the short our yourself below.

Christmas Presence (2015)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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