Game Review: Space Docking (Mobile – Free to Play)

Space Docking is a visually pleasing, addictive & challenging game by Scrapping the Barrel. One that challenges the reflexes while keeping things constantly tense with the drum and bass soundtrack.

A free to play game with no ads or in-app purchases, this review is for version 1.1.

Space Docking 2

The concept is simple, tap the screen as the docking block lines up. Do it correctly & in an instant you’ll move onto the next one. The more correct dockings you achieve, the higher the score & the more challenging it becomes. Blocks move faster, move in different directions & change in shape. It gets surprisingly tough but is very addictive.

Space Docking 3

It’s a simple idea but done well here, thanks to the starry background. Even when you miss you get a wonderful image of your failure resulting in a cool looking explosion.

Unfortunately, it has does lack replay value. Once the initial addictiveness wears off & you feel you’ve set an unbeatable score, there is nothing to bring you back. A completely free to play game though, there are few complaints here.

Space Docking 4

The biggest drawback is the drum and bass music. If this isn’t to your taste, you’re going to be hitting the mute button in an instant.

Space Docking
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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