Horror Movie Review: Virgin Witch (1972)

Released in 1972, Virgin Witch is a British horror exploitation film starring sisters Ann Michelle, Vicki Michelle & directed by Ray Austin. An incredibly boring movie that thinks throwing constant nudity at you will keep your interest up.

Virgin Witch 2

Betty (Vicki Michelle) & Christine (Ann Michelle) will do anything to be models but don’t know how to get started. That is until Christine meets Sybil (Patricia Haines) who runs a modelling agency. The older woman is taken in by Christine’s beauty & instantly lusts after her. So she arranges for her & her sister to spend a weekend at a country house being photographed.

Christine is desperate so more than willing to meet the demands of both Sybil & the photographer. Demands that include less & less clothing.

Virgin Witch 3

Unknown to Christine though, her purpose at the country house isn’t just to take her clothes off & have pictures taken. No, you see Sybil is the leader of a witches’ coven & has decided that she wants Christine to be part of it.

Virgin Witch 4

Virgin Witch is a sleazy horror movie, one with a shaky plot that doesn’t live up to its early promises. The coven idea seems solid enough but it’s not really developed & their goals are never explored. They just are & the whys don’t seem to matter. Most of the time the coven seems like serious business but it’s very hard to not laugh during two lengthy ritual sequences that involve a lot of naked dancing.

The cast are the highlight of the movie with everyone turning in a decent performance. Patricia Haines in particular really lights up the screen & has some really good chemistry with Ann Michelle.

Virgin Witch 5

Visually, the movie is very pretty. The English countryside locations & coven areas really adding atmosphere to everything.

What is odd is that the film’s two major selling points aren’t really present. It’s barely a horror with far too much implied rather than shown & it’s in no way erotic. Just because 80% of the film has nudity in some way doesn’t make it erotic even if the tagline tries to suggest otherwise.

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Virgin Witch
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