Horror Short Review: Treevenge (2008)

Treevenge is a horror short that tells a ‘fightback’ story but one that you’re not likely to have ever seen before. Directed & written by Jason Eisener alongside Rob Cotterill, Treevenge is great Christmas fun & gleefully gory.

Treevenge 3

The story is simple, trees that have been cut down for Christmas finally have enough & on Christmas morning decide to fight back. Blending gory horror & black comedy all tied off with a brilliant take on making a tree seem victimised.

Here, we see humans through the eyes of trees. Leering maniacs who roar with laughter as they slaughter their victims without a second thought. The trees talk to each other (subtitled for us) & plead for their lives but to no avail. The image of a young sapling quaking in it’s leaves is both hilarious & scarring.

Treevenge 2

We then watch through the eyes of one particular tree as it is dragged to a lot, sold to an obnoxious family then dressed up for Christmas.

The build is exemplary leading to a payoff that is simply brilliant. The trees rising up & slaughtering everyone in sight is gloriously gory. A brutal event that can only be done justice by seeing it yourself. It’s so violent & there are few moments that will genuinely shock.

Treevenge 4

There are a few homages to classic Italian exploitation horrors & the level of bright & visceral gore has a bit of Fulci about it. High production values make everything pop on the screen & the effects are top-notch.

Simply brilliant. Check it out yourself below!

  • The Final Score - 10/10
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