Album Review: Corrosive – Lucifer Gave The Faith (Black Sunset/MDD)

German death metallers, Corrosive will release their new album, Lucifer Gave the Faith on December 8th 2017 via Black Sunset/MDD.

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Bringing an old-school death metal style to the ears, Lucifer Gave the Faith is all about monumental heaviness & brutality. Ten tracks of colossal riffs, pounding drum beats & savage, guttural vocals.

Things start sturdily enough with Taste the Pain but it’s At the Devil’s Door that really makes you sit up & take notice. Thanks to intense drumming & some squealing guitar solos. It’s followed by the crushing blows of My Need to Kill and the life-squeezing Crown of Bones.

Fans of a no-nonsense & traditional style of death metal will feel really at home here. This is an uncompromising slab of metal that doesn’t have much in the way of melody. That being said, it’s not completely absent & when Corrosive throw it in they absolutely excel such as on the riveting Leftovers.

Ultimately though melody isn’t what Corrosive are about. No, they are just about smashing down your defensive walls with a non-stop assault of furious death metal riffing & rhythm. Something this album delivers in bucket-loads. Zombie Apocalypse is a nasty affair, My Eternal Hatred is like being run over by a stampede of horses while Dead Hate Living is ‘blood & guts spat up into your face’ levels of guttural.

The album closes out on the title track, one last assault on the nerves & senses. One that will leave those who experienced it a broken individual.

Corrosive 2

Corrosive – Lucifer Gave The Faith Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Taste The Pain
3. At The Devils Door
4. My Need To Kill
5. Crown Of Bones
6. Leftovers
7. Zombie Apocalypse
8. My Eternal Hatred
9. Dead Hate Living
10. Lucifer Gave The Faith

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Pick the album up via Amazon above & keep up to date with news via the band’s Facebook Page.

Corrosive - Lucifer Gave The Faith (Black Sunset/MDD)
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