Horror Movie Review: Stormswept (1995)

A softcore porno masquerading as a horror movie, Stormswept aims to be an erotic psychological thriller but misses the mark by some distance. It’s a very forgettable watch even before you take into account the blend of poor writing, shoddy visuals and below average acting. Which helps drag it even deeper into the mire.

The story surrounds a group of amateur filmmakers getting stranded in a big Louisiana plantation house when a storm hits. For the sleazy director, this is a chance for him to try everything he can to get into his female cast’s pants. A cast who rebuff him at every turn but have no problem with his constant conversations about sex. Seriously, 80% of this film’s dialogue is sex related and delivered with about as much gusto as though the actors are reading from a Mills & Boon book.

A lot of talk about sex but not a lot of actual sex… yet. You see this house has a malevolent spirit inside it, one that makes you feel sexy. Building up your passion, dropping your inhibitions and encouraging you to act out your fantasies. It has happened before in the house. Group sex leading to an orgy of violence and murder and it looks like it is about to happen again.

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If you’re reading this and thinking the word sex was used a lot there, that’s because it is the predominate feature of the movie. As stated at the start, this is nothing but a softcore porno pretending it is a horror movie. From the revealing outfits the mostly female cast wear, to the girl-on-girl sex, to the girl on boy sex to the plethora of breasts being exposed. It might titillate if it wasn’t so damn boring.

Those waiting it out, hoping for an ending that involves lashings of violence and blood will be sorely disappointed. Having run completely out of steam and unsure of how to wrap things up, Stormswept rushes its disappointing finale and then just ends. Sweet relief? There’s very little satisfaction to be found here.


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